Project Overview

In 2021, Global Brigades and its partner, the Ghana Water Company, installed 1 new standpipe in Nyanfreku Ekroful providing clean water to over 4,970 people.

Nyanfreku Ekroful, Ghana

Community members in Nyanfreku Ekroful, located in the Abura District, rely primarily on farming, fishing and trading to make a living. The primary goods and food products produced in Nyanfreku Ekroful are cassava, plantains and sugarcane. One of the major challenges for the development of their community was the lack of access to clean, sufficient drinking water. The community of Nyanfreku Ekroful have access to a well that was built 100 years ago and a borehole that was drilled 40 years ago, even though they have access to these systems, they are old and far away from some community members. Nyanfreku Ekroful has a water committee with 5 members.

Water System Solution

The Ghana Water Company is in charge of water distribution and treatment in the region where Nyanfreku Ekroful is located. In 2021, Global Brigades worked with the GWC to modify and expand its distribution infrastructure to get treated water to strategic points within Nyanfreku Ekroful where 1 standpipe was built. This standpipe gives the 4,970 community members living in Nyanfreku Ekroful, access to clean water, and meets the standards of the World Health Organization. By placing them in areas near the population, families spend less time and energy retrieving water for use in their homes.

Water Project Stages

All stages of this water project have been completed.

1: Assessment
2: Design
3: Standpipes Installed
4: Rainwater Harvesters Installed